Friday, July 30, 2010

alhamdullillah..2 month..amin..

today is our second month together as a hubby n wifey..
hopefully it will be last forever..
yes..we just begin a new chapter of life..
i just want him to accompany me where ever n who ever i 'am..

whether in a hard situation and happiness ..
i want to spent all my life with you abang..
i'm really happy and touching with your love and patience..
you never make me mad..
i'm lucky cos i have you.. 

p.s : u'r my sunshine..i love you!


intanurulfateha said...

envy u!
bestnyeee da kawen kak
smoga smuanya slamat
aminn ;)

^puan nanie^ said...

ala adik cute ni..xlame lagi turn awk pulak..hehe

asna cute said...

happy 2 months married! =)

fikaryna said...

uh, romantisnyer..huhu..

^puan nanie^ said...

asna : tq dik..;-)

^puan nanie^ said...

sis ryna : penghargaan utk die..hihi